Graduate Program in Aquaculture (CAPES Grade 6)

The Graduate Program in Aquaculture (PPGAq) is installed in a region with great prospects for growth in the activity of producing aquatic organisms, both in marine and estuarine waters and in inland waters. The state of Rio Grande do Sul has shown significant growth rates in the production and internal consumption of fish, especially in its central region and in the northwest of the state.
In this context, the PPGAq, in its area of ​​operation, has the responsibility to develop technologies applied to local conditions, with native and exotic species well adapted to our climate and with significant production potentials. Professionals trained in PPGAq have at their disposal a growing job market. With the dedication of our faculty and students, the Postgraduate Program in Aquaculture obtained CAPES Grade 6, published in the last Quadrennial Evaluation.

Over these years, three theses defended in the PPGAq received four honorable mentions in the CAPES Thesis Award and in the VALE-CAPES Award for Science and Sustainability, editions 2013, 2015 and 2020.