Graduate Program in Aquaculture

Sensitive to the institutional vocation of FURG and aware of its potential, a group of professors, researchers in the area of ​​Aquiculture, decided, from 1999, to organize a specific Graduate Program, aimed at training professionals in this area of ​​knowledge.

The stricto sensu Graduate Program in Aquaculture (PPGAq) at the Federal University of Rio Grande (FURG), has the General Objective: "To train professionals capable of planning, assisting, guiding, conducting, evaluating and preventing impacts, diagnosing problems, creating and adapt technological solutions for the cultivation of aquatic organisms' aiming to promote the scientific and technological development of the creation of aquatic organisms ".

The PPGAq's Specific Objectives are:
1. Promote the technological development of the creation of aquatic organisms;
2. Encourage studies on the nutritional requirements of potentially cultivable species;
3. Make feasible studies on the main pathologies of cultivated organisms, their impact on productive activity, their forms of prevention and control;
4. Develop studies related to biotechnology and genetic improvement of economically viable organisms for aquaculture;
5. Conduct studies aimed at the development of aquaculture;
6. To seek knowledge of the biology of reproduction of cultivable aquatic organisms, with a view to their application on a commercial scale.


PPGAq Coordination  (2019-2020)

Coordinator: Dr Ricardo Vieira Rodrigues
Adjunct coordinator: Dr Geraldo Kipper Fóes
Secretariat: Ms. Andressa Fernandes Dotto

PPGAq Coordination (2021-2022)

Coordinator: Dr Dariano Krummenauer
Adjunct coordinator: Dr Ricardo Vieira Rodrigues
Secretariat: Ms. Andressa Fernandes Dotto

Course Coordination (2021-2022)

Dr Dariano Krummenauer
Dr Ricardo Vieira Rodrigues
Dr Luís André Nassr de Sampaio
Dr Ronaldo Cavalli
Dr Luis Fernando Fernandes Marins
Dr Jose Maria Monserrat

Qualifying Committee (2021-2022)

Dr Luis Henrique da Silva Poersch (Chairman)
Dr Paulo Cesar Oliveira Vergne de Abreu
Drª Virgínia Pedrosa
Dr Luciano de Oliveira Garcia (Substitute)

Selection Committee (2021-2022)

Dr Geraldo Kipper Fóes (Chairman)
Drª Juliane Ventura Lima
Dr Marcelo Hideo Okamoto
Dr Fabio Roselet
Dr Luciano de Oliveira Garcia (Substitute)