Laboratories that make up the PPGAq

FURG's PPGAq is located at the Marine Aquaculture Station "Prof. Marcos Marchiori" (EMA). EMA is located on Cassino beach, 15 km from FURG's main campus. In its 2,800 m² of built area, it has the following laboratories:

1. Laboratory of Carcinoculture
2. Estuarine and Marine Fish Farming Laboratory  
3. Laboratory of Nutrition of Aquatic Organisms
4. Laboratory of Immunology and Pathology of Aquatic Organisms
5. Laboratory of Mollusc Creation
6. Laboratory for Assessment of Impacts of Aquiculture
7. Halophyte Biotechnology Laboratory
8. Functional Biochemistry Laboratory of Aquatic Organisms
9. Microalgae Production Laboratory
10. Laboratory of Microorganism Ecology Applied to Aquaculture


On another property, far from the main campus of FURG, is the Continental Aquaculture Laboratory (LAC) , on the bank of the Laguna dos Patos estuary. The LAC has 8 excavated ponds for the creation of estuarine, marine or freshwater organisms and a complete structure for carrying out experiments with fish in the water recirculation system.

In the Campus Carreiros of FURG are the other laboratories that also participate directly in the PPGAq. Are they:

11. Functional Morphology Laboratory
12. Laboratory of Phytoplankton and Marine Microorganisms
13. Molecular Biology Laboratory
14. Comparative Zoophysiology Laboratory
15. Food Technology Laboratory 


The FURG Aquaculture Graduate Program is also supported by the oceanographic fleet, with 4 small boats (3 to 5 people), 1 medium size boat (10 people) and 2 large oceanographic research vessels. The bibliographic collection available at the Oceanographic Sectorial Library, Information and Documentation Center (NID-Central Library) of FURG and the Information Technology Center (NTI-FURG) for the development of its activities is also shared.