Institutional Pedagogical Project

The Institutional Pedagogical Project - PPI 2011-2022 is FURG's strategic plan and establishes: philosophy; mission; vision; guidelines; guiding principles of teaching, research and extension; profile of servers; student profile; evaluation and planning; and strategic objectives that guide the actions of the University for a period of 12 years.

The PPI, although it presents a long-term vision, presupposes a periodic assessment linked to the mandatory reviews every four years of the Institutional Development Plan - PDI, which is the document that expresses the guiding principles, objectives, strategies and programs by which FURG's different areas of activity seek to fulfill the mission, vision and strategic objectives set out in the PPI.

In this edition, the PDI 2019/2022, the last of the current PPI, built from the institutional self-assessment process in a collaborative way between servers, students, outsourced workers and the external community, presents a set of indicators in order to better direct and evaluate actions of the University in the current local, regional, national and global scenario.