Aquaculture Seminars II (21087P)

Aquaculture Seminars II (21087P)

Responsible: Dr Luís André Nassr de Sampaio
Credits: 02 (15 h/a T 15 h/a P)

Syllabus: Weekly, students and professors of the Graduate Program in Aquaculture must meet, at a predetermined time, to participate in Seminars, lasting 50 minutes each.

The Seminar coordinators should prepare the Seminar program at the beginning of each semester, disseminating this program to students and teachers of the course.

At least one of the seminars for each student must refer to their thesis or dissertation topic.

A total of 15 seminars will be presented each academic semester. In each seminar there will be at least two lectures, each with 15 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussions (questions, answers, advice, etc.).