Estuarine and Marine Fish Farming Laboratory

Responsible: Dr Luís André Nassr de Sampaio

Maturation: It consists of eight tanks of 2.5 thousand liters, distributed in two rooms equipped with air conditioning. The tanks can be operated in a continuous water flow or recirculation system. These also have individual temperature control.

Incubation: 20 50-liter cylinder-conical incubators are available.

Larviculture and juvenile production: there are six tanks of 1,500 liters, eight tanks of 1,000 liters and 15 tanks of 300 L. Like maturation tanks, they can operate with continuous flow or with water recirculation and also have control individual temperature.

Bioassays: The fish farming sector has three laboratories equipped for experiments with small tanks. The first laboratory has four germinating greenhouses with temperature control and photoperiod, the second laboratory has four water recirculation systems with four 50-liter tanks in each. The third laboratory has two thermostatic baths with 10 tanks of 15 liters each.

The marine fish farming sector also has two water recirculation systems with 12 aquariums of 100 L for carrying out experiments with ornamental marine fish.