Cultivation of Marine Shrimp in a Super Intensive System Amid Bioflocs

Cultivation of Marine Shrimp in a Super Intensive System Amid Bioflocs

Responsible: Dr Dariano Krummenauer
Credits: 01 (15 h/a)
Offered: set/out

The course aims to provide knowledge about the techniques used to produce marine shrimp in superintensive systems using biofloc technology. During the course, the following theoretical themes will be addressed: basic aspects of cultivation in biofloc systems; main microbial processes involved in the system; Biofloc Formation; Nitrification Processes; Organic Fertilization; Main water quality principles (O2, pH, Alkalinity, CO2, etc); Management aspects in the BFT system; Total Suspended Solids and control; Cultivation structures (BFT system); Food and nutrition strategies and use of Probiotics; Relation of bioflocs with biosafety; Main equipment involved and; Production and productivities in the BFT system. In addition to these activities, scientific articles will be selected for presentation of seminars by students and discussion in the classroom.

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