Marine Aquaculture Station "Prof. Marcos Marchiori"

Responsible:  Dr Wilson Francisco Britto Wasielesky Junior

Saltwater Catchment System : The capture of the saltwater from Praia do Cassino is done with an electric pump of 7.5 HP through a PVC pipe. There is also an emergency system that consists of a pump powered by diesel oil, which can be installed directly on the beach.

Saltwater Storage System : This system consists of three sets of reservoirs: a) reservoir for raw water with a capacity of 140 thousand liters; b) reservoir for filtered water with a capacity of 80 thousand liters; c) suspended reservoir to supply the laboratory with water filtered by gravity with a total capacity of 21 thousand liters.

Water Filtration System : When leaving the raw water reservoir, the water passes through a rapid sand filter system. Subsequently, each laboratory has its own filtration system, depending on its needs. These systems are composed of cartridge filters with porosity of 5, 1 and 0.45 micrometers.

Water Aeration System : The laboratory water is aerated by means of air blowers, installed in series of three blowers. There are two blowers in constant operation and two reserve blowers.

Emergency Electricity Supply System : Recently, an electric power generator powered by diesel oil, with a capacity of 55 KVA, allows the operation of all EMA laboratories.