Halophyte Biotechnology Laboratory

Responsible: Dr César Serra Bonifácio Costa

Halophytes Research and Germplasm Unit (UNIHALO), located at Campus Carreiros - FURG, Rio Grande (RS). Non-climatized greenhouse with 86.40 m2 to preserve genetic diversity of native halophytes and controlled propagation tests. Cultivation pools and benches for micro- and mesocosm experiments. It also has a 12,20 m X 2,15 m metallic laboratory container, halophyte seed bank and incubators for seed germination for seedling production. Associated with the FURG Subtropical Biodiversity Center.

Halophyte Seedling Production Unit (PROHALO), located at the Oceanographic Museum “Prof. Eliézer de Carvalho Rios ”from FURG, Rio Grande (RS). Non-air-conditioned greenhouse with 86.40 m 2 of halophyte plants for environmental restoration and phytoremediation projects. It also has an area of ​​public visitation with educational panels, with the function of public awareness of the importance of the everglades for quality of life in the coastal zone and dissemination of the activities of the everglades restoration project.

Halophytes Agriculture Unit (AGRIHALO), located at the Marine Aquaculture Station (EMA-FURG) at Cassino beach, Rio Grande (RS). Hydroponic beds and tanks for production tests of native halophytes, irrigated with sea water and / or effluents from marine aquaculture.

Figure 1: Halophyte Agriculture Unit.