Molecular Biology Laboratory

Responsible: Dr Luis Fernando Fernandes Marins

Biosafety Certificate: The Molecular Biology Laboratory has a biosafety certificate, which certifies you to carry out genetic and transgenic experiments.

Equipment: Laminar flow, Thermal recycler Thermocycler for PCR, Real-time PCR, Photo-documentation system, Motorized injector (Model IM-30? Narishige, Japan), Puller micro-electrode (Model PC-10, Narichige, Japan ), Epifluorescence Microscope (Model EK2000, EIKONAL), Refrigerators, Freezer, Mechanical analytical scales, Precision balance, Sterilization oven, Water distiller, Resin column water deionizer, Analog electronic millivoltmeters, Digital millivoltmeter, Laboratory type centrifuges clinical, Greenhouses (heating up to 250 ° C), Vacuum pumps, Centrifuges, Refrigerated centrifuge, Water baths, pH meters, Equipment for protein electrophoresis and nucleic acid sequencing, Magnetic stirrers with controlled heating, Tissue homogenizer,Test tube shaker, Stopwatches, Autoclave, Immersion thermostat, Air conditioners.

Cultivation room: Closed circuit cultivation system consisting of 12 tanks with a capacity of 30 L of water, with controlled temperature and photoperiod. Set of aquariums with a capacity of 60 L, for maintaining strains