For the 4th time, a PPGAq thesis receives an honorable mention in the Capes Thesis Award

Capes Thesis Award

The thesis entitled “Genetic engineering in Bacillus subtilis probiotic: expression of fungal phytase improves zootechnical parameters, immune system, inflammatory response and antioxidant defense in zebrafish (Danio rerio) fed a diet rich in plant matter ”, authored by Kamila Oliveira dos Santos and oriented by Professor Dr Luis Fernando Fernandes Marins received the honorable mention in the Capes de Tese Award - Edition 2020.

Kamila's thesis demonstrates, for the first time, that a transgenic probiotic expressing a recombinant phytase was able to minimize the anti-nutritional effects of a diet rich in vegetables, improving the condition factor, stimulating the immune system, reducing the inflammatory response and stress oxidative of zebrafish. Thus, transgenic probiotics expressing enzymes can be a powerful tool to make diets more efficient from a nutritional and economic point of view, in addition to opening possibilities for the treatment of nutritional diseases, including in humans.

Receiving the honorable mention is an acknowledgment of the quality of the studies developed in the Program and in FURG, this is the third thesis of the program to receive this indication. Previously, students Dariano Krummenauer (2013) and Plinio Schmidt Furtado (2015) received honorable mentions in the Capes de Tese Award and in the Vale-Capes Award for Science and Sustainability.

The Graduate Program in Aquaculture congratulates everyone involved in the development of the thesis awarded with the honorable mention.

CAPES Thesis Award - Edition 2020