Reproduction and Grow Out of Crustaceans (11085P)

Responsible: Dr Wilson Francisco Britto Wasielesky Junior
Credits: 03 (30 h/a T 15 h/a P)
Offered: May./Jul.

Crustacean rearing represents an important percentage of world aquaculture production. The discipline of reproduction and growout of crustaceans aims to provide to students the knowledge about biological aspects and life cycle of crustaceans. In addition, also provides information about reproduction of shrimp, crabs, lobsters and crayfish in captivity, and respective production of post-larvae and juvenile of these crustaceans. The discipline also contemplates the growout of crustaceans in different production systems, such as conventional rearing in ponds, rearing in open facilities as cages and pens, and production in biofloc systems.

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