Dr Dariano Krummenauer

Graduated in Oceanology, Master and Doctorate in Aquaculture from the Federal University of Rio Grande (FURG). His doctoral thesis, defended in 2013, was directed to the development of sustainable production systems, being awarded the VALE - CAPES Award for science and sustainability and an honorable mention in the CAPES award for theses 2013.

He is currently an adjunct professor at the Oceanography Institute (IO) at FURG, acting as a permanent professor at the Postgraduate Program in Aquaculture, which acts as an adjunct coordinator. It operates in the lines of research related to the ecology of microorganisms applied to Aquaculture and production systems with minimal water use. He has experience in the Aquaculture area with an emphasis on Carcinoculture, working mainly on the following themes: aquaculture, Shrimp farming in Biofloc systems, zero water exchange cultivation systems, larviculture, maturation and artificial insemination of marine shrimp. He has given training courses for shrimp producers in Brazil and Latin America. In addition, he worked as a collaborator in several extension projects with artisanal fishermen from the Lagos dos Patos Estuary.


Laboratory: Laboratório de Ecologia de Microorganismos Aplicados à Aquicultura e Laboratório de Carcinocultura
Email: darianok@gmail.com
Lattes: http://lattes.cnpq.br/8906606963066896


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